Joe, Shaun, and Chris MurphyWorking Spaces was founded in Seattle in 1992. The firm's focus, then as it is now, was to be a highly competent distributor of quality contract furniture and related services. Before establishing the firm, our Principals had acquired numerous years of experience working with contract furniture businesses in Kansas City, St. Louis, Dallas, San Jose, and Seattle.

Working Spaces' early years were full of excitement accompanied by very hard work in our efforts to become established. During these years, our team often spent the daytime hours focusing on our clients, while working late into the evenings to perform the necessary administrative and financial functions to support our growing firm. It was during these development years that we began to discover our code to success...Providing excellent quality product solutions at highly competitive pricing, supported by exceptional customer service. With passionate commitment to this formula, we soon came to recognize a wonderful thing - through generous referrals from our existing customers and professional associates, companies seeking a positive experience on their own furniture requirements began seeking out our services.

Not unlike most companies, we've experienced our share of ups and downs, often related to fluctuations in the economy. Our growth through the 90's was strong, and then prolific during the technology boom of the late 90's. With the tech crash of the early 2000's, we decided to diversify our focus to include quality pre-owned furniture sales. This proved to be a key component in being able to meet our client's changing needs throughout the last decade and still today.

We've had the great fortune of surrounding ourselves with a team of highly-competent members who share equally in our dedication. As we look ahead and welcome the promise of a blossoming local and national economy, we are confident that our decades of experience will provide us with the unique ability to meet our customers' dynamic needs. Together, we look forward to embracing the opportunities that lie ahead, strengthening our existing relationships, and welcoming new ones.