As technology continues to change our working environment and our working styles it is important that your furniture has the flexibility to move, adapt and grow with you into the future. Working Spaces offers the latest and most up to date systems furniture and work place furnishings in a wide range of styles to meet every need, every style and every budget.

We have been providing furniture and professional services since 1992 to some of the fastest growing companies in the area with products like raised access flooring, reconfigurable wall systems and modular furniture for the ultimate in growth and flexibility. Working Spaces can assist you in selecting the products and components that are right for you and your company now and will continue to be right for you in the future.

The choices are endless, stackable frame and tile, monolithic, floor to ceiling, fabric, glass, steel and steel mesh, veneer, laminate, architectural elements, privacy, open office Working Spaces can build the right environment for you.

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